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Our patented terrain-adaptive lighting system gives our bike lights the capability to adapt to rider inputs with no additional equipment required. Light stays on the trail, so you can ride smoother, faster, and safer. This occurs while improving brightness and increasing battery life and virtually eliminates the need for a helmet light.

No other bike light can do this.

Real test footage. Competitor (left) vs. Mystic Devices (right)

Real test footage. Competitor (left) vs. Mystic Devices (right)



Mystic Devices products utilizes high performance custom refractive optics.  This means better beam control, and gives a smoother, more even distribution. The end result is better visibility due to night time eye-adaptation.


Hybrid Power

By utilizing custom power design, the Mystic Devices bike lights can run on an internal battery for 2+ hours, or indefinitely directly off of an external USB-C power source. This allows riders to have one light for both short and long rides, or be able to share between a team of riders on endurance events.